2023 will be a special year for Tazzari Group, founded in 1963.

To celebrate the 60 years anniversary we will show the final version of the first electric motorcycle under our brand: Italian Volt Lacama 2.0 is the motorcycle with the most customizable and modular design in the world.

We have created an ultra-light frame in high-strength single-cast aluminum, an authentic masterpiece that structures the bike in a single piece from the steering head to the rear swingarm fulcrum.

Lightness, technological innovation and efficiency are our musts, we have developed a 110 kW (150 HP) powertrain with super performance thanks also to a maximum wheel torque of 774 Nm and an electric motor with a record weight of only 11.5 kg.

Extreme performance with zero emissions, powered by a new solution developed in-house by Tazzari EV: FLUID BATTERY is a new technology that allows to increase efficiency, performance and safety.

Mono rear shock absorber and multi-adjustable Ohlins forks as standard, for the best dynamic customization and safety, also guaranteed by a set of hi-end electronic controls such as ABS cornering, traction control and anti-wheelie with six-axis inertial platform.

Lacama 2.0 represents the culmination of 60 years of technological evolution and over 16 years of experience in EV development in Italy, in the Motor Valley, in Imola.

Browse the new gallery with the final frame design, fork and the first two Lacama 2.0 bodies in both single-seater and two-seater versions.

Click HERE for the gallery, FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM page.

The presentations of the various new Face designs will follow, you will be able to create your own dream bike, ultra-configurable and personal: you can choose the frame and swingarm paint color, the body type and its paint color, the mix you prefer between various front designs and create your own and unique piece of art in movement.

The fun nevers stops, even after the purchase you can play and revolutionize your Lacama thanks to the new designs:

The chameleon motorcycle is the first to which you can evolve the appearance both in terms of shape and color by quickly changing Body and Face thanks to the many variants in continuous development.

Homologated for road use, to be delivered from January 2024.

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