Youth, electric minicars and driving safety

Youth, electric minicars and driving safety:

Finally together thanks to the Safe Driving Center ACI SARA and Tazzari EV zero emission mobility!

The partnership has begun and will involve thousands of students that will develop driving skills over the next few months, on the tracks and safe driving centers of Vallelunga (Rome) and Lainate (Milan).

Road safety is very important, especially for young people who start driving on the road.

ZERO JUNIOR (driveable from 14 years old) and ZERO CITY (driveable from 16 years old) are vehicles developed with the most modern technologies for maximum active and passive safety in both 45 km/h light quadricycle (L6e) and 90 km/h heavy quadricycle (L7e) segments.Unparalleled driving dynamics and road holding, steel load-bearing frame with safety cell, electro-powered 4-disc braking system and ABS system available on the whole range, make the latest generation of Tazzari ZERO vehicles the ideal first step to get closer to the driving, with top city cars in terms of safety, 100% electric and zero emissions, Made in Italy (Imola).

ACI’s instructor technicians will guide the young drivers in discovering the most adverse and dangerous weather conditions, such as wet roads and ice, through simulation with specific active systems, developing through theory and practice the best reactions to control the vehicle in every situation, a path useful for significantly improve safe driving skills.

Tazzari EV offers 36 ACI safe driving courses for parents and children in Italy for every purchase of ZERO JUNIOR or ZERO CITY.
We have also made it possible to view and test for free Tazzari EV’s ZERO vehicles at the ACI safe driving centers in Vallelunga and Lainate for anyone who requests it.

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