Is it time to recharge your Zero?

Simple and intuitive as charging your mobile phone, you can charge Zero at home without any dedicated system or predisposition, a standard domestic socket will be enough to do the trick.

The new tempered, scratch-resistant and anti-shock dashboard glass equipped on the entire Next Generation Zero allows you to select and modify the charging speed at any time from the passenger compartment:

Zero automatically recognizes the power source, and lets you decide the charging speed depending on the capability of your power source, you can select 1kW, 1.5kW or 2kW power absorbtion directly from the new instrument cluster with a simple touch.
It will be enough to leave the car connected while you’re resting at night, to wake up in the morning with a full charge … no more queues at the gas stations, the batteries will be fully charged every day!

Thanks to the PFC (Power Factor Corrector), the new Tazzari EV chargers are even more efficient than the previous generation: efficiency raises and energy bills become smaller.

If instead you need to recharge while “on the road”, the entire Zero range of product is equipped with a connection interface to charging stations and will autonomously “talk” with the infrastructure’s hardware to allow recharging in total safety and efficiency, in compliance with regulation IEC 61851.

The new econometer, in addition to being a useful tool to keep track of real-time consumption, also shows recovered energy during deceleration or braking. All together with the charge status indicator (SOC, State Of Charge) displayed on the instrument cluster.

Do not forget the 4 driving modes Race, Standard, Rain and Economy, which will allow you to adapt Zero to your «mood» or travel needs!

Visit us for a test of Zero Next Generation to see how easy it is to drive and charge a Tazzari EV electric car.

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