Zero 4 Opensky Tender

Zero 4 Opensky Tender fully represents the minimal concept of an essential vehicle for silent and zero-emission commuting in private areas, with the possibility to load up to 4 people and quickly fold or remove the rear seat bench for a total load capacity of more than 750 liters.

Zero 4 Opensky Limited

Zero 4 Opensky Limited extends its use even to public roads, the ideal solution for traveling on board of a fun and unconventional electric vehicle.

Zero 4 Opensky Sport

Zero 4 Opensky Sport is more powerful and performing, it allows rapid commute on urban and extra-urban routes thanks also to its range, up to 180 km.


TAZZARI EV’s latest evolution in the electric car category (M1).

The name highlights the increased interior space, which is one of the strengths of this new model.

More than 400 litres of load capacity with the new two-volumes design in Shooting Brake style, while maintaining a sports-mode arrangement: central motor, rear-wheel drive, ultralight chassis.

The most advanced power management, greater acceleration, new man-machine interface: this is how the Italian electric car has been renewed, to amaze the world.


The new electric quadricycle (L7e *) of the TAZZARI EV range.

Designed and developed to be the perfect electric car for the city of the future.

More compact than ZERO EM2, it has, however, a load capacity greater than 440 litres, thanks to the new steel chassis with front wheel drive.

The objective was simple, but the challenge was huge: making a rational electric car, with a final price capable of revolutionising the market.


*In Italy, 16-years-old can drive it.


The first electric light quadricycle (L6**) in the history of TAZZARI EV.

The smallest vehicle of the range is a revolutionary product in the light quadricycles category. Designed for young people, it has technical and design features that may make it an iconic product for the generations of today.

In the first place, we thought about safety, developing a supporting chassis with steel passenger cell and roll bar.

Unmatched road stability and driving feeling in its category, as is the Tazzari tradition.


**In Italy, 14-years-old  can drive it.