MINIMAX is the ideal zero-emission electric vehicle for entering city centers easily, with the convenience of easy and free parking even in the spaces delimited by blue lines, which are subject to payment for the traditional and polluting vehicles.


If you own a company, MINIMAX is an excellent vehicle for promoting the corporate image, with customized logo-themed graphics and related colours.


Even the construction company DECOSTILE has chosen MINIMAX, a reality from Imola like Tazzari EV that promotes its brand using our electric vehicles every day:


“We are delighted with MINIMAX, we use it all the time and it is the ideal compact electric vehicle for getting around urban and extra-urban routes with unspeakable comfort.

Thanks to its range of more than 200 kilometers we can reach our customers both in Imola and in Bologna and we do not have the limits of traditional cars to enter practically anywhere in the centre.

It attracts a lot of attention and allows you to greatly promote the activity, as well as being a vehicle that makes daily travel very fast, it also allows you to save a lot in parking.

We can’t wait to remove the doors in summer to drive in complete freedom!”

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