Finally the new pre-series Microlino has been unveiled in Zurich by our joint venture partner: Micro, World leader in micro-mobility.

I remember the first time I met Wim Ouboter, the founder of Micro, at the end of 2015 here in Imola in Tazzari EV,

he had a concept design and a prototype, but above all he had a dream and we, complementarily, had the experience and know how to make it happen.

His dream was such a fantastic product, that in addition to the proposal of technical development and homologation of the vehicle,

I proposed a 50/50 joint venture between Tazzari EV and Micro Mobility because I saw huge potential in both partner and product idea.

Wim was immediately enthusiastic about having a real partner and not just a know-how and technology supplier, therefore in spring 2016 we started the Microlino by Tazzari EV project.

Today, after about 20 months, being in Zurich for the unveiling of Microlino preseries has made me and the whole Tazzari EV Technology Team really proud, after all these many months of work in the design and technical development of the product.

In this great challenge, where two pioneers coming from two different sectors joined their forces together, the Italian Tazzari EV is the manufacturer and the Swiss Micro Mobility manages the distribution:

Production will be in Imola, Italy, at the Tazzari Group premises, but for distant countries we are selecting together with Micro Mobility, the licensees partners for the assembly and sales exclusively in their respective territories and markets.


Erik Tazzari
Founder of Tazzari EV, President of Tazzari Group

For further information write an email at: ufficio.commerciale.zero@tazzari-group.com

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