From 2006 to 2009 Tazzari EV developed the first full electric city car with Lithium-Ion batteries in the world.

Subsequently it has developed a complete range of vehicles including quadricycles and car category.

More than 10 years have passed since the beginning and Tazzari Electric vehicles have run for millions of kilometers as a demonstration of the validity of the technology developed, Tazzari EV has now decided to combine its Know-How focusing on the development of different electric vehicles, more “fun” than “utility”, underlining how the Driving Feel is part of its DNA.

Tazzari EV has enhanced its many years of experience in developing city cars by signing an agreement with an important German company, Artega.

Artega has acquired the shares of a Company part of the Tazzari Group which produces the city car Microlino and the electric vehicles of the Zero Range.

The Microlino production will be transferred to Delbrück (GERMANY) in a new factory of about 3000 square meters whit 2 new production lines jointly prepared by Tazzari EV and Artega.

The new plant, which is likely to be further expanded, will guarantee the necessary production capacity, in line with the pre-orders (over 10,000) collected by Micro, the Swiss partner for whom Tazzari EV has designed the MICROLINO and obtained the homologation approval.

The other vehicles of which ARTEGA has acquired the ownership (EM1, EM2, CITY, JUNIOR) will be used as a platform for new vehicles which will be released on the market in the near future.

Tazzari EV, also due to this operation, has gained important resources necessary for the development of the new vehicles range (primarily ZERO OPENSKY and subsequently SUPERZERO) and will ensure revenues for the next decade in relation to the success of current and future projects worldwide.

The agreement will also open up to new cooperation perspectives that will vary from supplying parts and sub-groups up to supporting the development for new vehicles.

Moreover, Tazzari EV will be the exclusive distributor in Italy of MICROLINO and of the vehicles that will be developed on the platform/technologies/concept object of the agreement, and which will be soon available at the Tazzari EV flagship store located inside the famous international Imola race-track.


“”We believe that Artega is the right industrial subject to bring the CITYCAR range to the highest production numbers that the exponentially growing demand for urban EVs in Europe, and not only, is requiring.

We are pioneers in the development of ELECTRIC CITYCARs, starting with the Zero Project in 2006, anticipating the rest of the World, and I believe that today this visionary market is obviously the reality and will soon become a mass market.

The next Tazzari EV challenge is to bring to the market the new range under development, new electric vehicles developed for new markets, outside of the specific segment of urban CITYCARs.

In addition, we will continue developing new electric vehicles for Third Party brands with the Tazzari EV Technology Division and, for this purpose, we have just completed a new plant in Imola for the design and development of new EV prototypes”.

 Erik Tazzari

  • All orders received under the name of Tecno Meccanica Imola SPA will be processed by Tazzari GL Imola SPA.
  • All services and spare parts supplies for vehicles produced in Imola under the brand Tazzari from 2009 to 2018, will be guaranteed from Tazzari GL Imola SPA.
  • The brands (Tazzari EV,ZZ,ZERO, ecc.) will remain under the property of Tazzari GL Imola SPA.

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