Tazzari EV unveils SUPERZERO IMOLA in new liveries

Inside the DNA of Tazzari products there is the Made in Italy exclusivity in addition to a strong predisposition to customization and as for ZERO NEXT GENERATION citycars, the top of the sports range SUPERZERO will be available in the iconic Tricolor, but evolved ad hoc:
Unlike for the small ZERO, it will not be an horizontal tricolor, where you can choose your preferred color for rims, body and roof, but instead it will be a vertical tricolor.
Taking on the livery of vintage sport and race cars, you will be able to choose a color for your car’s front side, one for the back side, or both, forming a custom tricolor.
Obviously, it will also be possible to set it as one single color of your own, for a more sober and elegant style, while maintaining the same sleek design.
Vote on Facebook and Instagram your favorite livery among these 4 examples, two tricolor and two monochromes:
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