Tazzari EV TECHNOLOGY is developing a number of new EV versions under the Brand Tazzari and for third party Brands, among this new projects the performance diamond tip is the design of a new electric sport car: SUPERZERO.

SUPERZERO is a race-oriented Tazzari Brand project, designed for rental and sport use within the racetrack, although we are also developing it for street-legal approval.

There will be two variants:
– SUPERZERO IMOLA is the coupé version
– SUPERZERO SKY is the roadster version.

Central motor, rear wheel drive, ultra-light chassis, all the TAZZARI ZERO DNA in a super sport car: SUPERZERO

Follow us in all the next steps that will bring the new car both on track and road in the near future, today we unveil the Concept Design for all the followers of the Brand Tazzari EV directly on our official social network channels:

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